Index7 Website Development

If your website can't be easily found on a search engine, it might as well not exist, how will it be that vital key for any business that wants to make money online?

Why Landing Pages?

Index7 is the a special boutique web hosting company that does more than just storing your content.

We create websites made for search engines, you just need to fill in the blanks with your details and we do all the work.

Code optimisation, Image compression, delivery via CDN.
No complex configurations required.

Our philosophy is to provide more than just servers to host files, without a solid virtual presence your business won't be found by potential customers, we will optimize and index your business information on multiple search engines.

This proprietary system was fully stress-tested with hundreds of websites, for ultimate performance and stability.

Don't need to worry with SEO, multiple CDN (content delivery networks, tech jargon, I know) or being hacked. We even offer a security SSL certificate.